Londonderry - Northern Ireland Cruises Destination Information

The Stunning Main Port of Londonderry - Northern Ireland

Derry or Londonderry is situated in Northern Ireland, 7 km's from the border of the Irish Republic. The River Foyle forms a deep valley as it flows through the city, making Londonderry a place of very steep streets and sudden, startling views.

Londonderry is known as the only remaining intact walled city in Ireland. They provide a unique promenade to view the layout of the original town. This much larger city remains characterised by the often extremely steep hills that form much of its terrain on both sides of the river.

The city is the north west's foremost shopping district, housing two large shopping centres along with numerous shop packed streets serving much of the greater county, as well as Tyrone and Donegal.

Things to see and do:
• Derry City tour
• Tower Museum
• Derry City Walls
• Bogside Murals
• The Fifth Province